SNX: The ‘Stranger Things’ Hawkins High Collection Is Pure Fire


Remember last week, when I said something about summer being a season of near-constant dope sneaker drops? Yeah well, we aren’t quite there just yet. This was admittedly a rough week for sneaker drops, so rough that I have to go back on my “not-talking-about-Yeezys-every-week” promise. You’re safe this week Ye!

That isn’t to say we’ve had a bad week, far from it, but a few sneakers jump out as obviously-worth-your-money whereas others are maybe best served as, I don’t know… gifts?

Either way, we’ve collected the best of the best for your shopping ease. Here are the dopest shoes dropping in the final week of June — and the first official week of summer. Prepare your wallets because if you’re a fan of spooky-80s indebted stuff, you’ll have to make at least one hard choice between Ghostbusters and Stranger Things.