A Look At Fashion Nova’s First Month Of Menswear

Fashion Nova/Uproxx

When Fashion Nova announced its men’s line, simply called Fashion Nova MEN, Twitter users took to their timelines about what kinds of clothes the line would feature. Known for being one of the only social media-driven lines to actually feature cute clothes that come in sizes that “real” women — those who have curves — can wear, Fashion Nova has also somewhat become a source for “thot-fits,” or outfits made with the supposed intent of highlighting a woman’s best assets.

It was not surprising, then, that the entire Twitter-verse had some hilarious takes on what could come of a men’s line.

The company itself even got in on the Twitter fun, tweeting some cheeky replies to potential customers.

The Fashion Nova men’s line finally debuted June 12 and featured everything from statement pieces to streetwear in 500 pieces, giving men quite a choice when it came to what they could wear. Since then, the line has been subject to quite a bit of Twitter criticism. It seemed like both men and women alike were underwhelmed with some of the pieces and disappointed with how modest some of the clothes were, and social media responses ranged from “Finally! Some variety in men’s clothing!” to “I’m gonna save my coins.”

As usual, Twitter reactions did not disappoint.

All of that is understandable, as there were some misses and items that looked like they were much more suited for the women’s line, but we definitely see the vision. Fashion Nova MEN most certainly gives way more range than your everyday mall store men’s department, and, just like Fashion Nova for women, the prices feel reasonable (even taking shipping and handling into account).