This Designer Used Raw Materials To Create A Custom Shirt For The Red Carpet

Waraire Boswell, a menswear designer known for his unique sensibility and paramount level of quality, has teamed up with 1800 Tequila to design and create a three-piece outfit for an NBA legend to wear to a sports award show. It’s the perfect collaboration because, like the designer, 1800 is committed to hard work, craft, and authentic, refined elegance.

In making the red carpet ensemble, Boswell was given the challenge to create something bold and modern through raw, repurposed materials. Last week, we covered how he sourced vintage military gear to create a pair of unique trousers. Now, it’s time to talk about the shirt.

In the early planning stages for the shirt, Boswell searched for an unusual fabric with a good drape to refine into the one-of-a-kind piece. He was willing to look anywhere. During a photo shoot, he pointed to the blackout curtains as an example of the type of fabric that would work. “I see the world from an artist’s point of view,” says Boswell, “I am always looking for the beauty in something.”

Though beauty and inspiration can be found anywhere, Boswell finds his in Los Angeles. He has a strong attachment to his city and takes deep pride in what’s being created there. New York will always be a fashion mecca, but he is positive Los Angeles is having its moment right now.

“It’s becoming a scene in LA now,” he says. “The more creative, the more original, the more boutique-y collections are really starting to blossom here.”

With his keen eye and inpiration at hand, Boswell tried many unconventional fabrics for the red carpet shirt before, ultimately, choosing a raw material called, Cupro. It’s a fabric similar in feel to rayon but made from recovered cotton waste. He was drawn to the sustainability of the fabric, as well as its beauty.

He planned initially to make a long-sleeved shirt, but reflection indicated it wasn’t the wisest choice for July. Boswell, instead, landed on a sleeveless design. Then, he turned to other trusted artisans to help him craft the final product. The result is a custom-made garment that will breathe and move. The fit, the drape, and the material all work as one to create the perfect look and feel for the red carpet.

Check back tomorrow to see how Boswell transforms a parachute from the 1960’s into an elegant jacket.