SNX: The Best Shoes Dropping This Week, Featuring The Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runners


Summer is ending, schools are starting up again, and it’s once again time to update your wardrobe. Depending on how you look at life, this is either a period of giddy excitement or intense stress and anxiety. Either way, the fact remains that your options as a consumer are vast.

We’re officially in the last quarter of the year, which means sneaker brands are in a mad rush to unload their wildest designs in the hopes they can make a final splash once publications start curating their “Best Sneakers of 2019” lists. This is great news for sneakerheads and collectors — it means re-releases of some of the most sought after shoes from this year will start to trickle out over the next few months to refresh memories in a year that was packed with dope drops.

Here are all the best releases and re-releases landing this week, including the super-hyped Yeezy Boost Wave Runners (finally putting the Yeezy Boost 350s to rest). Let’s get into it!

Nike Adapt BB Back To The Future


The Nike Adapt BB is the brand’s most futuristic shoe ever. To echo that fact, they’ve dipped it in a Back to the Future II colorway meant to recall Marty McFly Jr.’s self-lacing Nikes. Since SNX has a history of highlighting any shoe that uses the “future” as their driving design force, we couldn’t pass up on talking about the Nike Adapt BB. Featuring an app-powered laceless tightening system, the Adapt BB is specifically designed to give every wearer a custom fit that adapts — hence the name — to your foot in the moment and is capable of being fine-tuned endlessly.

Built for the court, the Adapt BB is meant to keep your game distraction-free and offer that coveted Nike support. You might be feeling like this is a bridge too far for you, but we have smart TVs, phones, watches, cars, what makes you think sneakers aren’t next? Be an early adopter and greet the future with open arms.

The Nike Adapt BB in the Back To The Future inspired Wolf Grey colorway is set to drop on August 14th and will retail for $350. Pick up a pair at the Nike online store.


Puma RS-X Bold


The modern sneaker is in a current battle of influence. 90s-indebted sneakers are still where it’s at for now, but influence from two different decades — the ’80s and the ’00s — are currently vying for which silhouettes will inspire the 2020s. Our money is on the ’80s, if only because I personally hate shoes from the ’00s. Puma seems to agree, which is why they’ve updated and modernized one of their 80’s silhouettes for the new Puma RS-X Bold.