A German City Has Deployed Special Paint That Deflects Drunks’ Pee Back Onto Their Shoes

If you happen to live in a well-trafficked area, particularly one close to drinking establishments, you’re going to have to deal with some funky aromas. One public urinator here and there isn’t a big deal, but if enough dudes start doing it, the streets start to smell like the trough at the ball park.

Well, the residents of one particularly unine-soaked area of Hamburg, Germany have come up with a solution. They’ve coated their walls and other things that guys may want to mark with hydrophobic paint. Hydrophobic paint repels fluids in a pretty extreme way. Pour water (or pee) on anything coated in it, and that fluid will splash right back at you. Here’s a video of the stuff in action…

Obviously, some drunks aren’t going to care about a little splashback, but when combined with signs warning about the likeliness of wet shoes, the hydrophobic paint has proven surprisingly effective in protecting certain walls and areas from the deluge. Beware, street pissers.

Via Gizmondo