Adult VR Companies Are Building Sensors So Their Users Don’t Get Walked In On

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Everyone, at least once in their lives, will experience the shame of being caught with their pants down. It’s practically a rite of passage. But with VR, the potential for walking in on somebody who has no idea you’re there until the screaming starts has gone up exponentially. So, aside from locking doors and demanding your roommates have some damn manners, the adult VR industry is hard at work developing an early warning system for its, ah, enthusiastic fans.

Mic documents the scramble to address what apparently is a fairly common problem among VR owners. The idea, at the moment, appears to be a sort of doorbell that detects motion and pings the headset, letting VR fans know to zip it up. Hopefully it’s fairly discreet, since otherwise the problem will be your roommate coming to your door to ask what the hell that thing is on the wall.

Still, anybody who has been in a roommate situation for more than five minutes really should know better than to just throw open a closed door. And are these dots really that hard to connect? Closed door, grunting noises, roommate owns a VR headset, none of these dots are hard to connect. Maybe the best defense of the VR headset owner is a little common sense.

(via Mic)

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