Travel Back In Time With These Amazing Nintendo Skins For The PS4 And Xbox One

11.26.13 5 years ago


The folks over at House of Grafix are currently selling this old school wrap skin that transforms your PS4 and Xbox One into a more refined machine from days of yore. It’s takes the idea of the interchangeable face plates from the early days of the Xbox 360 and turns it up a notch to create a nostalgia storm I doubt many can resist.

If I had an Xbox One, I’d be tempted to buy one for the Kinect skin alone. It is only right that if the beast is spying on me, I should be able to look at it with some semblance of joy.

There is also an Xbox One color change kit for sale if you somehow hate nostalgia and fun. They all run around $15 and be warned, the site is having a rough time due to the increased internet traffic.

ku-xlarge ku4-xlarge

House of Grafix via Kotaku

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