Rule Football Season With These All-Important Tailgating Apps

Football season is almost here, and for many of us that means tailgating. Sure, you could go to the game, or you could just wander the parking lot snacking, which really is probably not just better but also cheaper. Also, you won’t have to pretend to be interested in the live version of a sport that’s way more engaging on TV.

If you’re busting out the cooler and grill, try these five apps to make it perfect.

Tailgating Planner

Tailgating is, first and foremost, a pretty heavy logistical culinary operation. Big tailgates especially require a lot of planning to be pulled off. Hence Tailgating Planner, an Android app designed to get all your tailgating stuff in one place. Whether it’s a proper stock of liquid refreshment, the industrial quantities of food you’ll need, or the lawn chairs you’ll always forget otherwise, you’ll know where everything is, and, more importantly, remember all of it.

Thing To Bring

Some tailgates, of course, are potlucks, and coordinating a potluck can be a logistical nightmare in of itself. Thing To Bring solves it by letting you create a virtual signup sheet for your attendees. The sheet is visible for all members of the group, so people can check as to who’s bringing the beer and who’s bringing the brats, and it’ll help you coordinate everything so you can focus on grilling.

Beer Wizard

What pairs well with what you’re cooking, beer-wise? The proper pairing of suds and food is crucial to any tailgate, especially if you’ve got people showing up with craft beer variety packs, thirty-racks of macrobrews, and everything in between. That’s where Beer Wizard steps up to the plate, letting you match each dish with the beer people are bringing, or pair off beers as they arrive with the smorgasbord you’re turning out.

If all else fails, remember everything tastes better with a well-brewed lager.

Stadium Finder

We know, we know, nobody has any trouble finding the stadium. But anybody who has gotten lost in the cavernous stadia of America knows that finding your seat and section can be a nightmare. Stadium Finder, which covers not just the US but much of Europe as well, will help you find your seat and will fill you in on what you need to know about the stadium you’re in.

Sports Bar Finder

No matter how tough you are, there does come a point where you just don’t want to deal with the elements anymore. If you don’t have a ticket, you can pop up a sports bar with DirecTV’s Sports Bar Finder. It tracks bars with deluxe DirecTV packages and matches them with their Yelp ratings and other data, so you can watch the game in comfort with a good brew.

Any favorite tailgating apps we missed? Let us know in the comments!