Blackberry Has Officially Reached The Desperation Point With Weird ‘Keep On Lovin’ You’ Video

Anyone who has owned a Blackberry in the past two years or so — I’m one of those people, BTW — knows that Blackberry is utterly f*cked, something we’ve noted here at length. It appears now that desperation is truly beginning to set in.

This video is a thank you to all developers supporting the BlackBerry platform. Your Developer Relations, Alliance and Developer Tools teams appreciate your enthusiasm and loyalty! We’re Going To Keep On Loving You. Shown at BlackBerry Jam Americas Sept 2012.

We are going to keep loving developers at Research In Motion, all the way to BlackBerry 10 and beyond. Watch our leadership team for developer relations bring back the band.

Honestly, this is just painful.

(HT: Gizmodo)