Check Out This Amazing GoPro Shark Attack Video And Try Swimming Faster

This is the kind of video that shows the exact reasons the GoPro is one of the greatest inventions the Internet can abuse.

In it we see a mako shark emerge from the murky depths to feed and attack, flooding my memory with terrible memories of Jaws 3 and Jaws: The Revenge. From the YouTube page:

This was shot out of Ocean City, MD on the 4th of July on the Pumpin Hard. We were trolling between 6 and 7knots. Also we were using a Gopro HD Hero 3 black on the 720 120fps setting

According to the official Facebook, the footage was shot using a PelagicView dredge, which is a patent pending housing for the GoPro camera. And the Pumpin Hard is their bad ass sea vessel of course.

The video is pretty cool, but I suggest watching with the sound turned off. The musical choices are not the best and certainly not what I would go with. It’s screaming for Accept’s “Fast As A Shark.”

(Lead image via YouTube / Gizmodo)