Conan O’Brien Is Gloriously Trolling LinkedIn’s Prestigous ‘Influencers’ Board

Conan O’Brien isn’t sure what LinkedIn is exactly, but that’s not stopping him from gloriously trolling the site in a crusade — whether he realizes it or not — for those of us who roll our eyes daily at countless emails from LinkedIn inviting us to “connect” with someone we have no desire to be connected with in any fashion.

Conan’s profile is currently at 70K+ followers and he’s charging up the LinkedIn “Influencers” board in an effort to undermine real-life business folk’s self-aggrandizing bullsh*t with riveting stories of Donald Trump-related online coursework.

Please allow Conan himself to explain the entire strategy, and then follow him immediately. Set up a LinkedIn account if you have to. It’s for the greater good.

And here’s a screengrab of his “Experience,” for posterity’s sake.

I knew there was a reason I’m overly fond of Applebee’s lighting despite the fact that creating a dark and damp restaurant environment is intuitively a terrible idea.

Team Coco

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