DIY Girls Are Bringing Hope To The Future Of Women In STEM

There are more working women today than there probably have ever been in the United States. While the evolution of women in the workplace has improved tenfold, they still face a slew of gender-specific stereotypes and challenges. It can be particularly hard for women who want to break into male-dominated industries, such as the various professions in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

If we want to create a more equal work environment and empower women to find their place in industries like STEM, then it’s essential to show them at a young age what they’re truly capable of. That’s what DIY Girls is all about. The San Fernando Valley-based non-profit organization is on a mission to increase girls’ interest and success in STEM through innovative educational experiences and mentor relationships.

Focused on girls in 5th to 12th grade, DIY Girls offers hands-on experiences and projects that introduce its students to the world of STEM. The organization also offers resources, such as resume-building and financial literacy workshops, to its network of recent graduates. DIY Girls currently has an alumni network of about 45 women, some of which have graduated from well-renowned universities and become successful STEM professionals.

“It changes the lives of girls and they discover new careers,” says Julisa Chavez, Development and Communications Manager for DIY Girls. “We know that these women are going to be empowered, fulfilled women who come back and change the communities.”

To learn about how DIY Girls is making a difference for women and girls, check out our conversation with Chavez in the video above.