Tired Of Shoveling Snow? Electrified Concrete Will Do It For You


Ask anybody still digging out from last week’s blizzard: We don’t really have a great way of getting rid of snow. We can push it around, we can dump chemicals on it, and, sadly, you can’t deploy the obvious solution without getting in trouble. Worse, the chemicals we use damage cars, injure pets, and destroy the environment. So, Chris Tuan came up with a better solution, concrete that melts it for you.

Tuan’s concrete is a special blend of 20% steel shavings and carbon particles to 80% regular concrete. You mix the concrete, lay it down, and run a current through it. The electrical resistance generates enough heat to melt away the snow, no salt, shovels or plows required. Even better, it’s completely safe to walk on and even touch while you’re pumping electricity through it.

That said, there’s a long way to go before you de-ice your driveway by flipping a switch. Tuan is currently testing this concrete for airports so planes can land safely in blizzards, and if it works there, states might consider installing it on sections of roads that are particularly dangerous in a blizzard, like bridges and on-ramps. But don’t be surprised if someday, your neighbor takes care of shoveling the walk by throwing a switch and then grabbing a nice warm cup of coffee.

(Via Gizmodo)