Facebook And Yahoo May Engage In A Bidding War To See Who Gets To Ruin Tumblr

05.17.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

So there’s apparently this nifty site kids are using these days called Tumblr. It can’t be that great if they can’t even spell the word right, am I right? Well, the big wigs at Yahoo are desperately trying to dump their money into some venue to jumpstart their brand and it looks like Tumblr may be just the ticket. But according to GigaOM, those greedy bastards at Facebook also want in.

The news of the pending deal was first reported by AllThingsD and later Adweek reported rumors of their deal as well. At least a couple of our own sources say that the talks are serious. We have also learnt that the deal is being championed by CEO Mayer who according to Kara Swisher, has met with the team from Tumblr. We have learned that Yahoo’s New York-based corporate development team is leading the process, though like all deals, talks could fall apart. (We have reached out to respective parties for their comments, but so far we have not heard back from them. We are going to update the post to reflect their responses.)

…We have heard that Yahoo is worried that Facebook could sweep in at the last minute and beat it to the buzzer. If Instagram acquisition was any indication, then we shouldn’t doubt Zuckerberg’s salesmanship. Karp is said to have close relationship with Facebook and was recently spotted at the Facebook Home launch. Facebook could use the much needed younger 18-to-24 year old demographic, something it (successfully) tried to acquire with Instagram. Facebook spokesperson declined to comment.

Things are going to heat up but if I were a betting man, I’d say Facebook ends up with Tumblr if they really want it, especially in light of the fact more teenagers are leaving Zuckerberg’s baby by the day.

So go ahead and enjoy your Tumbling now before each GIF comes with a 30-second ad and the CIA finds out that I get all of my information from FactsandChicks. Oh Tumblr, you used to be so pure.

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