Facebook Making Its Employees Use Its Terrible Android App

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08.24.12 2 Comments

Apparently Facebook has started engaging in quality control for Android by engaging in trial by fire. Employees are being forced to use the app, even if they’d prefer to use the iPhone. Why? Because the app is an affront to God according to whiny people, that’s why.

OK, actually, Facebook’s Android app is no worse than its main website. In fact the Facebook app is continually overhauled. I use it all the time and it works.

That doesn’t stop people from complaining about it, likely because it’s not the iOS app, since Apple owners are all convinced that anything they do with their phone has to be better than Android, because iPhones fart lollipops. So in order to improve it, employees are being forced to use it, every day. They’ve even been ordered to dump their beloved iPhones in order to use the app.

Reports Business Insider:

Facebook management realizes its Android app is subpar—and believes that the only way employees will take fixing it seriously is if they have to deal with its issues day in, day out.

It’s a practice called “dogfooding,” from the phrase “eating your own dog food,” which is pretty common at tech companies.

The behind-the-scenes reports of this, with employees in tears, are almost as hilarious as the gadget blogs acting like this is some sort of cruel and unusual punishment. Seriously, compared to the iOS app it could be better, but watching adults act like Uncle Zucky is bad-touching them over this is a hoot.

The main issues with the Android app are really beyond Facebook’s control. Android is almost ridiculous in how fragmented it is. They’re not developing for one platform, they’re developing for dozens, all of which were broken in a different way.

Mostly we just like the Facebook staff ordered not to use iOS devices. Please tell us the entire staff of Instagram were forced onto Android: That irony would be just so deliciously sweet.

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