Should We Be Afraid Of Hackers Taking Over Our Cars’ Computers?

After a very sobering feature in Wired revealed that two hackers were able to disable the brakes of a Jeep Cherokee while a man was driving it, it’s quite understandable that Fiat Chrysler execs are concerned right now. If there’s one thing that hackers love, it’s a challenge, so this was basically an invitation for them to start screwing with soccer moms on busy highways, and that could lead to class action lawsuits that will have product liability lawyers tripping over themselves to file snazzy domain names like 2016chryslerbrakeshackerdeath dot com. Oh, and it could also lead to a lot of injuries and deaths, too.

Now, the question is: Can Fiat Chrysler fix this embarrassing and potentially tragic issue before hackers start meeting in their rundown Coney Island headquarters? Anchors Tom Storey and Briana Lane attempt to answer that on today’s episode of The Desk.