Google Is Offering A Free Permanent 2GB Upgrade To Your Google Drive

Google Drive is a useful tool, but you can always use more space. So, Google is offering you a free, permanent upgrade with 2GB of extra space. All you have to do is go through a basic Internet security check.

Why? It’s Safer Internet Day today, an event all about learning how to not get your computer hijacked by Estonians who will buy a dozen TVs with your credit card. Started by the European Union, it’s something embraced by major companies because the alternative, putting up with online fraud, costs at least $100 billion a year, and probably more. Google in particular is sensitive to the issue, because fraud keeps people away from the Internet, and Google wants you on the Internet as much as possible.

Google’s check is really, really straightforward; in fact, it’s their standard account checkup that you can run at any time. You simply have to verify your account info and backup email address, go through which devices are connected to your Google account, and if you’ve got an Android device, go through the app permissions and see if there’s anything that can get the boot. For that last one, we recommend clearing out any permissions from apps you’ve deleted; better safe than sorry. It’ll likely take less than a minute and you’ll get a permanent extra 2GB for your trouble. Also, you won’t be as likely to get robbed on the Internet, which is a nice bonus.

(Via The Verge)

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