The Five Apps You Need With Only 24 Hours In A New City

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Travel is more integral to culture than ever. Going somewhere new, whether for work or for a brief moment of leisure, has become cheap, quick, and easy. But what do you do when you get there? Lean on these five apps to guide you around a new city when you’re on the clock.


Sometimes you don’t think to snag one of those touristy guidebooks before the wheels hit tarmac. Or the ones you can find are either out of date or aimed squarely at the retiree set. Guides is a bit more dynamic in how it shows you around a city, tying into Lonely Planet’s vast team of travel writers and locals and ensuring that you pick out only the events and places that qualify as “can’t miss.”


We know, we know, Yelp has its problems. And there are many who have good reason to hate the site. But it also has an incredibly useful geolocation feature that makes it much easier to navigate around a city you don’t know, beyond just deploying Google Maps and hoping for the best. Not only will Yelp help you find the best food near you, it’ll also make it easy to see how other wayfarers responded to the joint.

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