Do These Leaked ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Images Hint At Liberty City DLC?

Rockstar’s smash hit Grand Theft Auto V may have been initially released way back in September 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360, but the game has seen new life breathed into it multiple times, from re-releases on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, on top of additions to Grand Theft Auto Online. While many of the previous Grand Theft Auto games have seen expansions or even shorter spin-off games launched from them, Grand Theft Auto V has been different. Instead of focusing on single-player downloadable content, the team at Rockstar has instead been focusing on Grand Theft Auto Online, the sort-of separate game that is more an online version of GTA V including multiplayer-oriented challenges, modes and persistent world stuff like owning homes and customized vehicles.

There have been many rumors about possible single-player DLC, but nothing has ever been substantiated. After the game being out for as long as it has it feels like a bit of a lost cause to hold out hope for single-player DLC. Grand Theft Auto Online has been seeing regular updates, which are substantial and satisfying enough, and at this point it might be best to see Rockstar release something like a sequel to Red Dead Redemption than to keep working on GTA V. That can’t stop fans from dreaming and digging, though. According to EGMNow, digging is exactly what members of the GTAForums have been doing and they may have struck gold. Forum users Spider-Vice and Blackscout stumbled upon a few screenshots from Grand Theft Auto V on a Rockstar employee’s portfolio, which happened to include a few peculiar screenshots.

Those screenshots looked exactly like areas of Grand Theft Auto IV‘s Liberty City. Liberty City was the backdrop for the fourth game, with Rockstar building a fictional New York City for players to run amok in. The top screenshot is from the GTA V engine, while the bottom is an in-game shot from GTA IV. The shots not only show how advanced GTA V is to GTA IV, but that at least at some point, Adrian Page, the Rockstar employee in question, was working on the location inside of the game’s engine.

As for what the screenshots mean, that is another story. Rockstar hasn’t said a word about it just yet, but the original image hosted on Page’s portfolio has been removed. Maybe that means that it was for a future project from Rockstar using the GTA V engine — maybe even downloadable content for GTA V — but unless Rockstar addresses this, chances are we won’t be finding out any time soon (if ever).

Grand Theft Auto V‘s Grand Theft Auto Online will be receiving yet another update on June 7, this one called Further Adventures in Finance and Felony that looks to expand on the previous release of Executives and Other Criminals.

(Via EGMNow)