Here Are Three ‘Star Wars’ RC Spaceships To Put On Your Wishlist Immediately

Bandai Namco — the company formed in 2005 by smushing together Pac-Man’s Namco company and Bandai, the Japanese toy manufacturer — set a Guinness World Record (twice!) for teeniest remote controlled helicopters. Now, they’ve created a line of tiny Star Wars-themed flying toys.

Starting August 1, the remote controlled X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and Millennium Falcon will be available for $50 each. (When we say tiny, we mean less-than-four-inches-long-tiny. Sorry to every dude who’s ever tried to redefine how big three inches is.) Each ship has a wireless controller that doubles as a charging base. You can get about four minutes of flight time from every three-minute charge. The lil’ spacecrafts are just too small to get a bigger battery in there.

When I was a kid, there was a boy on my block whose parents were divorced, so they competed for his love by purchasing him Star Wars toys, and he could stage some epic battles with all the Stormtrooper figures he had. Like, hundreds of ’em. I wanna buy a dozen of these little X-Wings and go find that guy and make him sorry that he ever threw me out of his sandbox.


They only have a wireless range of about 16 feet, so even though they’re itty bitty things, they probably won’t get so far away from you that you’ll lose it. Unless you fly one on the roof and the battery goes dead.

So, don’t do that. Exact revenge on old childhood grudges instead.

(Via Gizmodo Toyland)