Here’s Your Obligatory ‘iPhone Coming To Sprint’ Post

We don’t talk about the iPhone much on here because everybody else is happy to do so at length, and usually all of the speculation turns out to be wildly wrong. Case in point: people talked about a Verizon iPhone, insisting it was going to happen for years until it actually did.

Still, occasionally something comes down the pike worth listening to that’s actually credible, and in this case, it’s that Sprint is getting an iPhone of their own.

Why is this interesting, beyond the fact that Sprint is the only carrier to offer unlimited data anymore, is that it means you can pretty much use your iPhone anywhere in the world once this comes to pass — it’ll be on both types of cell systems. This also means T-Mobile users can dump that Sidekick they’re still using and use an iPhone: they’re both CDMA networks.

Of course, you’ll still be a douche for pretending owning one somehow makes you special, but Apple can’t fix everything.