New iPhone 5 Case Will Eliminate Purple Haze, Allow You To Take Crappy Photos Again

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10.11.12 3 Comments

In case you haven’t heard, many Apple fanboys and fangirls are crying about iPhone 5’s camera taking photos with a purplish lens haze in them. Apple’s official corporate response to the outcry essentially boils down to “Stop taking crappy pictures then.”

You know what? Apple’s right. Hell, Apple is probably doing us a public service. Now if they could just finally flush Instagram, they’ll have struck two systematic blows in favor of good photography.

But for those of you who just have to take terrible pictures with the sun or other glaring light source in them, there is succor for your pain. And it is, of course, an iPhone case.

Specifically, the camHoodie from Fotodiox. All it really is is a standard iPhone case with a rubber gasket that fits over the lens and serves as a camera hood. Basically, it reduces the lens flare by shading the lens. Something you could also do with your hand, but Fotodiox can’t charge you twenty-five bucks for using your hand, at least until they figure out how to patent it.

I do get that there is a very small group of people who use the iPhone as an actual photography device, whether because it suits their needs or because they like a challenge. Hand a professional photographer an iPhone and you get photos like these. But most people only think they’re shooting this:

When really they’re shooting this:

In other words, Apple is right. Stop taking crappy photos. We’ll all thank you.

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