Jack Dorsey Thinks Vine Is The Apex Of Artistic Expression

Vine is an interesting, if somewhat overhyped, app from Twitter. Jack Dorsey, one of Twitter’s founders and by extension heavily involved with Vine, is trying to top all the hype by calling it, essentially, the apex of all art.

Dorsey, in conversation with Harper’s Bazaar editor Laura Brown, actually said this about Vine:

“I think it’s an entirely new art form, and I think it’s amazing–every picture I look at right now, I want it to move, I’m waiting for it to move. Where’s the sound?”

“It’s changed my perspective on media and art,” he added. “Not only can you take a picture of the beach, but you can actually see the waves move. You can hear the beach.”

Look, we get it, you like your product, but first of all, a constantly looping picture (albeit without sound) has been around for a while. Secondly, a quick look at Vinepeek will raise some pretty serious concerns about its viability as an artistic medium; the majority of Vine seems to be all those pictures you ignore on Facebook, only animated and looping… forever! That sounds like, uh… social media hell, actually.

Vine’s an interesting social network and an interesting idea, but what say we dial back the hype just a wee bit? Although to be fair, Will Sasso’s Vines alone probably justify the entire enterprise.