Less Than 3 Years After Steve Jobs’ Death, The Beats By Dre Deal Shows That Apple Is Clearly Dying

05.08.14 41 Comments
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As you may have heard, Apple is buying Beats by Dre for a reported $3.2 billion. Now, I’m no tech industry expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it’s safe to say that Apple’s death is more imminent than ever less than three years after Steve Jobs’ death. Experts have been predicting its demise for some time now, but no expertise in the field is really needed to now make this diagnosis — just a healthy dose of common sense. If I owned stock in the company, which I don’t, I’d be looking to sell is faster than a fishmonger looks to sell a load of fish when the power goes out.

Why? Because the move signals a fundamental change in philosophy, the philosophy that made Apple great, which was to innovate. Innovation is what made Apple great. Rather than create headphones that every consumer absolutely had to have and would wait in line for days in the cold for, Apple is now instead choosing to go the way of the bloated, dying tech giant ala Yahoo! and AOL — to buy out other companies and ideas rather than to innovate. What’s really startling about this is that the product Apple is buying is astonishingly terrible.

Have you ever owned or tried out a pair of Beats headphones? They are SH*T! They are such sh*t, in fact, that Apple’s own current crap earbuds — the ones that come complimentary with any iPhone or iPod purchase — actually rank higher in quality. Think about that for a minute.

Finally, there’s this…


When more of the masses deem that the product you just paid billions for is “shite” than it is “good,” you are F*CKED. You’ve had a nice run, Apple. Still, it’s sad to see you go.

Finally, congrats to Dr. Dre on becoming a billionaire. Teaming up with a sleazy music industry executive to screw over some nerds really paid off.

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