LinkedIn CEO Pulls An Oprah, Gives All His Employees iPad Minis

Normally we’d make fun of the guy for buying his employees an iPad 2 with a smaller screen, but, hey, he came across with $330 a head for over 3,000 people, so we’re cutting him a break.

Anyway, Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, decided to give everybody working full-time at the company an Apple product because LinkedIn has been doing terribly well, lately:

Jeff “Winfrey” Weiner decided to give every LI employee an iPad mini today as a special reward for our recent results. Great “Oprah” style moment at the All-Hands meeting!

Those “recent results” involve the social network crossing 200 million users, and also the fact that the stock is valued at a total that Facebook can only dream about: LinkedIn is currently worth $157 a share.

Yeah, we’re a little surprised a site for storing your resume is worth so much, ourselves. Then again, it’s a concept Wall Street can easily understand, so that probably helps.

Anyway, the site is doing well enough and it has fairly ambitious plans for the future: It wants to become a digital Forbes of sorts, offering all sorts of business publishing to draw eyeballs. Whether or not it pulls that off will be interesting to see, but, until then, hey, free iPads!