Linux Snobs Finally Get a Tablet

We mock Linux around here every now and then, not because it’s bad software — it isn’t — but because for every sane, normal person running it, there’s somebody who has vanished completely up his own rectum because he’s capable of installing it on a modern laptop. It’s kind the computing equivalent of being a self-righteous vegan.

Anyway, one of the more reliable aspects of the Linux subculture is the fact that they’ll lag behind consumer computing by about five years. So, only now, after the iPad has destroyed vast swaths of the computing industry, are Linux enthusiasts introducing a tablet of their own.

To be fair, the tablet is sourced and produced by KDE, one of the few Linux working groups that believes Linux should be, you know, usable, and the tablet ships with their Plasma distro, which is actually quite pleasant to use. And while the overall specs are less than impressive (1 GHz processor, seven inch display), it does ship with two microUSB ports and an HDMI port, which isn’t bad for a sub-$300 tablet.

Unfortunately, the entire reason you buy a tablet, apps, will probably suck and you’ll probably need an Android emulator just to get “Angry Birds.” But hey! You’re running Linux! That makes you better than everyone else!

(Image via Flickr)