Lowe’s Wants You To Fill Out A Form Before You Link To Their Website

Home improvement chain Lowe’s is, in addition to being kinda-sorta anti-Muslim, old. Very old.

So old, in fact, that they have a form and everything — three in fact — that, when you link to any place on the Lowe’s website, they expect you to print out, fill out, and fax back to them.

We find this baffling for any number of reasons, the first being that clearly nobody who works for Lowe’s has been on the Internet or understands exactly how hyperlinking works. The best part is when Lowe’s requires you to “take down the link” if you violate the agreement.

Granted, old people who run our major retail businesses have been getting the Internet wrong for some time now, but this is still pretty bad even by that standard. We wonder how many other old people have actually faxed in this form.

Oh, and in case you were wondering? Lowe’s doesn’t have the legal right to do this. They’re just doing it because they’re old. And yes, we’re totally linking to them in the hope that they send us one of their ridiculous takedown letters.