The Nexus 4 Continues To Be Extremely Popular

Previously we told you that the Nexus 4 had sold out very, very quickly. Google promised more would be available yesterday, and then seemingly sold out within a minute. Which sounds impressive, but instead something even more impressive happened.

Take it away, CNET:

…Google said that heavy traffic to the Google Play store had created errors for users. The device is not sold out, Google said, and the company encouraged would-be Nexus 4 owners to try again later. As of 1:05 p.m. PT, the device was still showing a “sold out” message.

Yes, so many people went to buy the Nexus 4 that it literally crashed Google’s servers. The one company who should actually be prepared for this stuff and even they couldn’t take the server load. That’s… a lot of demand.

It’s not hard to see why, either. I’ve been using a Nexus 4 as a cellphone over the past week or so, and will have a review tomorrow. It’s not the iPhone, but honestly, for the $300 price and the fact that you don’t need a contract to use it, it’s got a lot of appeal.

More on that tomorrow.