Mark Cuban’s Interview With Howard Stern Was Delightful

Last night, while shopping for doggie stuff online, I listened to Mark Cuban’s interview with Howard Stern that took place on Wednesday. Now, I, like many people, have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Cuban, but I enjoyed the hell out of listening to this because it might be the most honest, revealing glimpse into the life of a filthy rich person I’ve ever run across, and Cuban, to his credit, doesn’t seem to be taking it for granted.

“I’m the luckiest mother-f*cker in the world. Every single day I wake up and go, ‘If I can’t have fun, then something’s wrong,'” Cuban told Stern. “I’m pretty much the same guy I was before I had money. I just don’t put any limits on myself. If I want to do something and I think it’ll be fun, I can do it.”

I particularly enjoyed the backstory on him paying $90,000 for a bottle of champagne at a Miami club after the Mavericks won the NBA title (“It was soooo good…I was so trashed when I got it.”) as well Cuban’s tale of buying a lifetime pass on American Airlines at 29 that allowed him and a friend to fly free for the rest of his life, a ridiculous perk that once led to Magic Johnson getting kicked off of a plane to make room for him.

So listen to it while you work today or something. It’s pretty damn entertaining.