Microsoft Trying To Lure Engineers With…Bacon

Senior Contributor

Can a food become old meme, because if so, we’re pretty sure that it just happened.

Microsoft, looking to poach engineers from companies like Amazon, has apparently been parking free bacon stands in front of popular engineer lunch spots and corporate headquarters in Seattle. Apparently they want engineers to “wake up and smell the future.” Or, failing that, kill the fatter ones by inducing a coronary.

Engineers, you see, aren’t moved by vast package full of stock options, housing allowances, or multiple-hand massages. No, no. You have to appeal to their most fundamental emotions.

So Microsoft has sent a bacon vendor to areas of Seattle where engineers prowl for food. You know, like just outside Amazon’s HQ.

We’re not really sure how to feel about this. On the one hand, we’re pretty sure that the bacon thing in our society has kind of run its course, as hipsters have moved on to prosciutto from a farm you probably haven’t heard of, but on the other hand…free bacon!

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