Myspace Tom Spends His Time Flaming People On Twitter, Chillin’

12.20.12 5 years ago 13 Comments

When we last checked in on Tom Anderson, aka “Myspace Tom,” he was buying and selling real estate in Las Vegas. Apparently, that went so well for him — not to mention that he walked away with half a billion dollars when Rupert Murdoch bought Myspace — that now he’s fully retired and just spends his days lounging by a pool while flaming trolls on Twitter. Not a bad life, really.

For instance, check out how Tom responded to a guy who last night tweeted something along the lines of “says the guy who ran Myspace into the ground” in response to a tweet Anderson posted about Instagram’s new terms of service. The flamed troll, @polotapia, has since apparently deleted his account.

Probably feeling emboldened by burning someone so badly that they commit Twitter suicide, Myspace Tom then went into full-on rapper mode…

Later last night, Tom then asked his followers to spread the word about how awesome his Instagram account is.

If all that weren’t enough, Myspace Tom announced on Instagram that he’s dying his hair blonde…

In case you were wondering, announcing you’re going blonde is apparently how a retired social network multi-millionaire executes a mic drop. Now if we could just get him to start trolling Rupert Murdoch on Twitter — how hilarious would that be?

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