Now You Can Be Extradited for Media Piracy?

You know, every time we think piracy lawsuits can’t get more ridiculous, whether it’s becoming legalized extortion or fining some random woman $2 million for sharing her MP3s, somehow, they manage to get stupider.

Like, for example, the case of Richard O’Dwyer, a British college student who, for the terrible crime of running a link aggregator, is currently fighting being deported to the US for trial.

A few salient facts: O’Dwyer never used a server based in the US, he’s obviously not an American citizen, and it’s not even clear that he broke any laws in the United Kingdom, the country whose laws he’s technically supposed to follow. And they still want to drag him over here, try him, and throw him in jail.

To give you an idea of just how expensive this is going to be if it happens: Rapists are walking around free because it costs too much to ship them between states, forget across international borders.

Wait, isn’t America, like, massively in hock? How do we even have the money to ship British teenagers over here, throw them in jail for two years, and then ship them back? Shouldn’t that money be going to old people or something?