These Five Apps Will Help You Feel Safe In Troublesome Situations

Right now, all eyes are turned to issues of assault and personal safety. These are massive (and crucial) conversations that we absolutely have to have. Somewhere in the mix, there is a place to talk about how tech fits into the broader cultural context. Can an app help you prevent or process personal danger? Maybe. But it’s only one piece of the bigger puzzle.

We look at five apps that hope to help jumpstart progress by keeping people safer.

OneLove My Plan

For all the insistence on stranger danger, much of the violence in our society comes from people we know, even people we love. And part of the problem is that it can be difficult for us to realize that we’re in a damaging relationship, or see how it’s harming those we love. MyPlan, developed by OneLove, is an app that guides you through a process designed by, among others, Johns Hopkins researchers, to determine whether there’s risk in a relationship and what action to take.