Reddit Users May Have Discovered A Murder On Google Maps

Google Maps and Google Street View are no stranger to crimes, not even murder, but this might be the first time Google Maps has documented a murder from above.

Perhaps, anyway.

The image that tops this post is really a Rorschach test more than anything else. Do you see two people standing over a body wrapped in black plastic with an enormous trail of blood behind it? Or do you see two people about to pet a dog that’s just shaken itself off? Here, have another look.

This being the Internet, the discovery was reported to the Internet’s policeman, Reddit, where argument immediately broke out over what the image was. Muddying the issue is the fact that it’s pretty hard to get a definitive look at the image: What you see is about as high resolution as it gets.

Of course, as some note, if this was a murder, it was one committed in full view of pedestrian traffic. Also, dumping the body in a heavily used water way does not seem to be the best idea for keeping a low profile.

Then again, you never know where Google Maps will pop up next. Just ask the couple caught committing, how do we put this, a handy act of public lewdness.

Meanwhile, UPROXX reader Greg Voakes is apparently convinced this is all the work of a wet dog, because of course it would be…