A New App Wants To Bring The Sharing Economy To Road Tripping

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If you’re one of many people who are planning on taking a trip this holiday season, there’s a way you can help score some extra gas money while you’re on the road. The peer-to-peer delivery app Roadie lets drivers take other peoples’ items with them on their journey, be it across town or across the country.

The idea came to the app’s creator, Marc Golin, when he considered the 250 million cars on the road at any given time. Wanting to make the best use of those travelers, Golin invented Rodie, telling TechCrunch last year that the app had a quarter million downloads and over 20,000 drivers signed up to deliver. In a world that’s quickly-adjusted to the sharing economy, the idea is that deliveries made by those who are already en route will also help cut down on emissions.

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