Samsung Is Taking Big TVs To The Extreme With ‘The Wall’


Back in 1992, national treasure Weird Al Yankovich delivered one of his stylistic parodies, taking on REM with “Frank’s 2000″ TV.” At the time, big-screen TVs were giant boxes contained by CRTs, and the idea that you’d have an eighty-foot wide television seemed patently ridiculous. But more than a quarter-century later, Samsung has apparently decided to make parody reality with “The Wall,” an aptly named television.

To be fair, Samsung has reason to be proud of the specs Endgadget is reporting. Currently, this giant TV is making the electronic show rounds at 146 inches (or just over twelve feet) on the diagonal. The key here is Samsung’s MicroLED technology. Basically, Samsung has created a sort of scalable TV — where it connects panels to make a TV of, theoretically, any size. And it’s not only planning to actually sell this to people in a consumer model, it’s also going to shave the already thin TV, at just over three inches thick, to just 1.2 inches.

This will be absurdly expensive, of course (although Samsung claims it won’t be as expensive as it sounds). And realistically, only people who own giant homes could even fit this thing into their house in the first place. Some back of the envelope math tells us this thing is about ten feet wide and just shy of six feet tall, and it has a proper viewing distance of 55 feet. So really the only way this is practical is if you’re the owner of a small movie theater or so rich your apartment is the entire floor of a skyscraper. Oh, and there’s also probably a home theater system to consider, although if you’re buying a TV this big, it might simply be time to start wiring Marshall stacks into your receiver. Why bother with half measures?

(via Engadget)

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