Somebody Remade ‘Flappy Bird’ In Under An Hour Flat

Ah, Flappy Bird — those who saw it as shallow, largely plagiarized example of just how insipid the smartphone game market can be aren’t exactly mourning the game’s sudden demise, but hey, maybe we were all wrong. Maybe making a Flappy Bird is harder than we all thought! Maybe we should give creator Dong Nguyen a little more respect!

Orrrr not. Turns out you can make a replica of Flappy Bird in around an hour flat as indie game maker Joe Shanahan demonstrates in the video below…

The best part is that this version actually creates all it’s art from scratch, rather than using barely altered Super Mario sprites, so it’s quite possible more work went into this one-hour knockoff of Flappy Bird than the original.

Honestly if I were Joe Shanahan I’d just upload this version as Flappy Angry Bird and let nature take it’s course. Or at the very least, upload it to my phone so I could sell it for $1500 on Ebay.

via Destructoid