Listen To Spotify Offline With ‘The Mighty’ — A New Type Of MP3 Player

Spotify Premium fans have had the ability to listen offline for a while, but there’s always been the question of how to do it, especially if you’re exercising or just don’t want to drag your phone with you into the woods. The answer is an MP3 player calling itself The Mighty, and designed to tie into your Spotify Premium account to download playlists.

The Mighty is pretty straightforward, with the resemblance to an iPod Shuffle being far from a coincidence. You connect it to your Spotify Premium account through your phone, and it downloads your playlists, up to 48 hours of music total. The main appeal, beyond having music without having signal, is that the Mighty is a cheap plastic box designed to be dropped and sweated on, so you don’t have to fret about your phone, or worse, drain it and be stuck trying to find an outlet in the middle of a run, with the battery lasting for about 15 hours’ worth of playback.

And yes, it has a headphone jack. One downside, though, is that it doesn’t appear to serve as a traditional MP3 player, which might put off those who still buy music, and the other is that it’s not an official Spotify product. While the Kickstarter was successful, and the team has spoken to Spotify, right now The Mighty squeaks in under a technicality under Spotify’s rules, which it can change unilaterally and whenever it feels like. Still, if you miss the iPod Shuffle, or just would rather not run the risk of trashing your phone while working out, for $80 this seems like a good option.

(via Mashable)