Here’s A ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Glitch That Let’s You Control 8 Characters With A Single Controller

This is for the people that don’t have friends (available to play), who want a solid dose of chaos in their Super Smash Bros. experience. Well, more like chaos on top of chaos. Chaos times eight. A club sandwich of chaos that’s stacked twice over and then with a few more slices of madness. That’s what you’ll get when you glitch out Super Smash 4 and play as all eight characters using only one controller on your Wii-U.

All you need to take part is an Amiibo figurine (you should probably already have one or two of these if you own a Wii-U, otherwise you’re a traitor to the Nintendo way). Then you can follow some relatively uncomplicated steps before, suddenly, there’s a party in your living room and only you’re invited.

The instructions from YouTuber *Toons are as follows:

You need at least 1 Amiibo to do this, the more you have the more slots you can control at once.

Step 1: Open 8-Player Smash and move your controller (Can’t be GamePad, if you use Gamecube controller it will be more complicated, use Wii or Pro Controller preferably).

Step 2: Unsync your controller and tap an Amiibo to the GamePad.

Step 3: Sync the controller back and move again. You should be on the second slot.

Step 4: Repeat until 7 slots have an Amiibo (Do NOT tap an Amiibo to the eight slot or go out of the character select screen, otherwise glitch won’t work).

Step 5: After being in control of slot 8, go to the options menu and return. After that, 8 hands controlled by your controller should appear. Remove the Amiibos and select your character(s).

Step 6: Select stage and start the battle. The exact thing that happened in the video should happen.

NOTE: When you go out of the character selection screen, the glitch will end.

Now you too can be the sole participant in an eight-player winner-takes-all tournament in which the winner gets all the tater tots, and not just your dog!

(Via Gamenesia)