Don’t Expect Tinder To Do Much If You’re Subjected To An Unsolicited Flood Of Penis Pics From Its Users

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This past Tuesday night at 7:09 p.m., while I was still trying to recover from a cold I had picked up over the weekend from one of the millions of ways to get sick in New York City, I received a text message from an unidentified person with an upstate New York area code. The text had no written message, instead it contained a photo of a man holding his penis next to a stick of Axe deodorant. Then, moments later, he sent another one that was either at a slightly different angle or maybe he just liked it better. To me, they both looked about the same. At this point, I had just assumed someone misdialed. I showed my girlfriend what had happened in a, “I’m not crazy, this is what I think it is, right?” kind of way.

That’s when another text came in, this time from Long Island, featuring another man’s penis. If this were a cartoon, the light bulb over my head would have finally flickered on: Ah, someone is giving out my number.

All told, that night, 19 men either sent me a) pictures of their genitalia, b) shirtless pictures or c) graphic descriptions of what they wanted to do to me with invitations to meet them at their homes. I responded to each and every one of these men in an effort to try to find out what was happening. And being that this was such a bizarre situation, I started tweeting about it. And, yes, some of my conversations with these men became absurd, which has now been documented at other outlets. And because that night has been so well documented already, I’m not going to take you through the whole night, but here are a couple of my tweets to set the scene of what was happening:





Look, I’m an adult male who lives with my girlfriend in what I like to think is a pretty secure apartment building in Manhattan. I didn’t feel in any real danger from any of this. I was annoyed and this was certainly unwanted, but it was one of those situations that was sort of amusing until it wasn’t anymore. Strangers asking me to come over to their homes was a bit unsettling. I saw two separate pictures of men masturbating. And I was legitimately upset when someone repeatedly kept trying to FaceTime with me, and this person was very persistent. But what if I weren’t an adult male? What if I were a kid? What if I were in one of many, many other situations where something like this was legitimately frightening?

From the very first text, after I started texting back, these men all kept referring to me as “Carilyn.” I replied to one of the sexters, “Say my name,” which the Internet has interpreted as me trying to be funny and play along with this guy, but the reality is I just wanted to find out if the name matched with the prior person. The men who would engage with me in conversation — after they finally believed me that, no, I am not a woman named Carilyn who wanted to see their penis and that I personally had nothing to do with this — all of them told me that a woman on Tinder was specifically asking for “dick pics” and giving out my phone number. When they’d try to then go back into her profile to get me more information, she had already blocked them.

The ninth guy to text me not only confirmed this story again, he had taken a screenshot of her profile. Here is the profile that was giving out my number to strange men on Tinder asking for “dick pics.”



I do not know who this person is. I’m sure the odds are good that the woman in this photo has no idea this is happening. My last suitor of the evening, guy number 19 — it was almost 2 a.m. at this point — confirmed to me this was the same profile he had seen, as well. When I woke up the next morning, I expected to be inundated with more text messages from strange men, but there were none. It had stopped. And since this all happened, there’s been nothing.

That is everything I know.

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