Watch An Elephant Named Peter Operate A Smartphone Better Than Some Humans Can

When I first read an email I received earlier about the video above — which was made to promote the Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung’s smartphone/tablet hybrid — I hesitated to watch it because so often these days attempts by advertisers to create “viral ads” fall flat or just plain suck. But I finally watched it while eating lunch and can say that this one, however, is pretty damn amazing, especially considering that none of it was faked, according to the publicist working for Samsung who brought it to my attention. The only thing cuter I’ve seen today involving an animal is this…

Watch in amazement as an elephant in Taiwan named Peter operates the device better than many people over the age of 50 can. Also, keep in mind when watching this that elephants are sensitive, loving, intelligent creatures that are becoming endangered partly because douchebags like Donald Trump’s douchebag sons hunt them “for sport” — with their ivory tusks serving as trophies.