What Is The ‘Peanut’ App? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About ‘Tinder For Moms’


On Wednesday morning, Good Morning America ran a segment about a hot new app being touted as “Tinder for moms” that is starting to sweep playgrounds across the nation. It’s called Peanut, and the app is looking to connect moms with other like-minded moms in need of friendship and support during what can be a very challenging and often times lonely period in a woman’s life.

The app was created by London-based CEO and founder Michelle Kennedy — who was previously involved with the dating apps Badoo and Bumble, the latter of which she named — when she personally entered motherhood a few years ago. As the first in her circle of friends to become a mom, Kennedy realized the need for the companionship of other moms when scrolling Instagram during a late night feeding session and seeing all her friends posting from the club. “I just felt like I needed to speak to another woman who was doing the same thing as me,” she told Good Morning America.

Peanut is being compared to Tinder because it works in very much the same way. Users connect with a Facebook account and enter in some basic information, such as how many children they have, their ages, and whether or not they have another baby on the way. From there they can choose three categories of what type of mom they fit into, such as “hot mess,” “wine time,” “single mama,” and “special needs.”

Users can swipe to “wave” at another mom and then choose to start chatting, set up a playdate, or plan to meet for coffee. The app even boasts an export functionality that syncs to personal calendars. But because “there’s no element of rejection on Peanut,” as Kennedy puts it, users can choose to swipe down to say “not now.” After being initially launched in Los Angeles in early June, the app has already seen upwards of one million “waves” so far.

Peanut is not without its flaws, as the LA Times noted in a piece prior to the June launch. Common complaints in the app store include people griping about needing a Facebook account to use it, as well as the fact that the app is currently only geared towards women — which excludes single dads, stay-at-home dads, and same sex couples.

(Via LA Times, GMA)