Al Franken Recalls The Time He Hurt Donald Trump’s Feelings By Goofing On His Prized Combover

News & Culture Writer

Al Franken stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers Thursday night to chat about the MLB playoffs — ha ha ha just kidding they talked about Donald Trump. All Trump, all the time. Not surprisingly, the Democratic senator was less than impressed by Trump’s excuse of “locker room talk” in regards to his lewd boasts of sexually assaulting women, telling Meyers that in the locker room of his health club in Minneapolis the banter is mostly just relegated to things like, “Is Trump crazy?” He continued, “So I don’t know what locker room… he may work out with Roger Ailes.”

But hands down the best part of the interview was about 1:35 of the way in, when Franken was asked about whether or not he ever ran into Trump when they both lived in New York City back in the day, he told the most magical story. Back at the height of The Sopranos popularity, Radio City Music Hall was screening the first two episodes of the fourth season, and Franken found himself seated directly behind Donald Trump.

He described what happened next: “And before the lights go out, for some reason I just say — and, I have a loud voice, I say this as loud as I can — THAT IS THE WORST COMBOVER I’VE EVER SEEN.”

At having what amounts to the essence of his ego insulted, Franken described the way Trump’s neck snapped around at the remark, only to see who made it and turn back around, defeated. So if you find yourself depressed over the course of the next 24 days, just think back to the time Al Franken made Donald Trump sad by making fun of his hair. I know I will.

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