‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant Sings Opera Like A Champ, Proposes To Girlfriend

06.12.13 8 Comments


My taste in television shows about people from various countries having talent tends to fall more along the lines of disgruntled contestants flinging eggs at judges in the name of artistic integrity, but this is pretty cool, too, I suppose. Last night America’s Got Talent had sort of a Reverse Susan Boyle situation — or maybe a Standard Susan Boyle situation with a twist — involving a man with a goatee, huge biceps, and a “Cashiers Are Always Checking Me Out” t-shirt strolling on stage and belting out the ever-loving crap out of some opera. The contestant, Travis Pratt, then credited his girlfriend for supporting him and encouraging him to go on the show, and proposed to her right there in front of God and Howie Mandel.

I’m sure we’ll find out in 20 minutes that this thing was staged and planned out to the letter, but whatever. It’s still nice. And if the whole Unexpected Voice Comes Out Of Person Who Later Proposes To His Girlfriend thing ain’t your bag, I’ve also posted a second really sweet opera-related clip, featuring a contestant named Jonathan Allen whose parents kicked him out of the house on his 18th birthday for being gay, and who used music to help him deal with his struggles. I’m doing all I can here, people. Work with me.

(via Zap2It)

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