The Best Of Last Night’s ‘Archer’: Let’s Talk Female Body Inspectors & ‘Archer Vice: House Call’

For my money “House Call” is the most complete “Archer Vice” installment yet. It just feels like Archer has officially completed the Vice pivot and found its groove. Both mainstream and obscure pop culture references were at a record clip last night, running jokes evolved as they only can on Archer, and — of course — there was an FBI-Myrtle Beach bit for the ages. That was the exact moment I knew Season 5 is only going to keep getting better and better.

Also, Woodhouse fans rejoice! Nice to see that old smack fiend take a more prominent role in this week’s shenanigans. “God knows he’s a little GILF.” I have a feeling there’s even more Woodhouse to come.

Before we get to the best lines, moments, and references as determined by me, let me take a moment to congratulate Beer Guy Rob for winning last week’s Archer Season 4 Blu-ray giveaway for discovering for all of us that Matt is working on a pilot with Bill Hader. Derbel McDillet came in a close second for prompting a Conway Stern email. We’ve got more guests and Blu-ray giveaways coming soon, so keep those typing fingers sharp. Or something like that.

In case you missed them, check out Chet’s spectacular GIFs from last night and Floyd Couty’s most excellent behind-the-scenes look at making the coke blow intro. Now for some bullets…

  • “Because you never think of those other two as having their sh*t together.” — The finest delivery of American anti-Metric System sentiment maybe ever.
  • Thomas Corwin Mendenhall “was an autodidact US physicist and meteorologist.” Read a book!
  • “This is only somewhat like that old gypsy woman said!” — Cheryl, just keeps killin’ it.
  • Everything about Krieger’s lab coat tranq gun reveal.
  • I’m pretty sure I only half get “Said Ripley to the android Bishop” but holy sh*t do I love Archer’s push for it as a “PHRASING” replacement.
  • “Oh hey, remind me to reboot the CPU in Ray’s spine so he can walk again.”
  • Woodhouse getting tranq’d is the happiest I’ve been for him since I can remember.
  • Seriously though, GET OUT OF MY BRAIN with the “Female Body Inspector” Myrtle Beach memories, Adam Reed.
  • “Cobra whiskey & lady boys” — That’s everyone semester abroad, right? RIGHT?
  • Cherlene: Gentlemen, start your engines.
  • “And I’m not a doctor… I mean, I’m definitely a doctor…” — Krieger will never not be the best.

Pop Culture Reference Count: Doctor Who, The Incredible Hulk, The French Connection, AliensHunchback of Notre Dame, Scooby Doo, Minitel, and I’m still unclear if “tit bondage porn” is a thing, but it feels like a pop culture reference and I really want an excuse to type it so I’m including it here. Did I get them all? Probably not! Bring it!

More GIFs here and on the next page (courtesy of Chet Manley, of course). As always, your thoughts, ideas, and glaring omission call outs welcome.