Ayo Edebiri Got Candid About Why She ‘Deliriously’ Kick-Started That ‘Silly’ Talk About Being From Ireland

Ayo Edebiri has been hard at work saving Hollywood with both her comedic chops and lamb chops, but she never forgets where she came from: Ireland.

Edebiri was, of course, born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, home to Ben Affleck and Dunkin’ Donuts, but that didn’t stop her from claiming to be from the land of Cillian Murphy.

The Bear star appears on Vanity Fair‘s June cover where she explained that her Irish origin story was the result of her “silly little brain” being deliriously tired at SXSW last year while promoting Bottoms. Who doesn’t get a little goofy when they are tired? We’ve all seen this before.

From Vanity Fair:

While deliriously tired at the South by Southwest premiere for Bottoms, Edebiri told reporters that she was from Ireland. She’s not; she was born to a Barbadian mother and Nigerian father in Boston. But the internet ran with it, and Edebiri fully committed to the bit, with shout-outs to Ireland on numerous occasions. (And she remains committed. She told me that she has Irish relatives on both sides of her family, and who knows, maybe it’s true.) She attributes all of this to her “silly little brain.” Days after our interview, I find a selfie of Edebiri making a ridiculous face on my phone. I have no memory of her snapping it.

Though Edebiri is not from Colin Farrell’s homeland, she has been committing to the bit since it first made headlines last year, after Edebiri claimed to be Jenny the Donkey from The Banshees of Inisherin. Since then, she’s been popping up alongside Paul Mescal and has caught the attention of Barry Keoghan. We just need Saoirse Ronan to comment next, and then Edebiri can really claim Irish citizenship.

The best way to follow through with the long-running Ireland joke would be for Edebiri to star alongside Keoghan and Mescal in a Challengers situation. But instead of tennis, it would probably be some sort of pub crawl.

The Bear
returns on June 27th.

(Via Vanity Fair)