A ‘Better Call Saul’ Writer Responded To A Cranky Fan Who Complained About The ‘Worst. Episode. Ever.’

Apparently there’s a vocal minority of Better Call Saul viewers who think the latest episode, “Nippy,” was too slow, or too boring, or too much of a “filler” episode. I don’t understand it, and frankly, I don’t want to. “Nippy” had a heist (a mall heist); Jerry from Parks and Recreation; Carol Burnett; Jimmy/Gene retiring the “Saul Goodman” persona for good; and Cinnabon. So much delicious Cinnabon. It was another fantastic episode in a season full of them, unless you ask that guy on Twitter. You know the one.

In response to actor Patrick Fabian (R.I.P. Howard) tweeting the script for “Nippy,” written by Alison Tatlock and directed by Michelle MacLaren (who also directed many of the best episodes of Breaking Bad), @DavesanchezDave replied, “Worst. Episode. Ever. I’m a Better Call Saul fan, but that was the worst episode ever.” Cool story, bro.

The tweet caught the attention of Saul writer Thomas Schnauz, who replied, “Really good feedback. Thanks.” Rhea Seehorn — I’m sorry, make that Emmy nominee Rhea Seehorn — was delighted by Schnauz’s response, as well as Turner Classic Movies host Ben Mankiewicz writing, “He’s just letting you know. To help you. Btw, I agree with him. I haven’t seen the episode, but I fail to see how that guy is wrong.”

This sums it up well: