‘Billy on the Street’ Looks Amazing

Ordinarily, I try not to post videos longer than three minutes or so, because I have an incredibly short attention ha ha!

“Funny or Die’s Billy On The Street” is set to premiere on December 22nd at 11pm ET. Every Thursday evening, Billy hits the streets of New York City to test unsuspecting pedestrians on their knowledge of pop culture in a fast-paced and funny trivia style game show. From Lil Wayne to Meryl Streep, Billy covers all the bases with a hilarious urgency and an almost terrifying amount of passion.

Part game show, part comedy, the show incorporates several different rounds, as well as a fun twist where the final round is subjective, and contestants must agree with Billy’s opinions on pop culture in order to win. [Fuse]

Embedded below is an earlier video Billy did that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen about Sex and the City 2 since I read Lindy West’s review. Naturally, I lost it when he interviewed the dog. Man, I’m a sucker for dog interviews. I could watch a gay man interview a dog for hours.