Brony = Pathetic Sissies and Fem-Boys?

I’m not all that familiar with the “Brony” community — dudes that are into “My Little Pony” — but it sounds silly, harmless, and maybe even ironic to me. Damn kids and their ponies. Apparently, certain dudes are into this new version of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” I understand the writing and animation on the new show is outstanding, and not even specifically aimed at teen girls. It’s not really my thing, but then again, my daughters aren’t old enough for it yet. What it doesn’t strike me as is something that dudes ought to be ashamed of liking because it doesn’t fall under the “freedoms” for which the troops in Afghanistan are fighting. But one a**hole over on Big Hollywood has a huge bug up his ass about how guys like to spend their free time.

… Should Hollywood really be enabling this phenomenon?

Hell no. It’s a freaking embarrassment

All the while, as these pathetic sissies giggle like school girls over magic unicorns that spray rainbows from their horns, real men – and women – who have put aside the temptation to retreat into a frivolous fantasy world are tromping through the wilds of Afghanistan. Such young adults, some younger (in years) than the “bronies,” are protecting all of us – including these pathetic weirdoes.

It makes me want to wretch.

Yeah, some will say it’s unfair to compare a bunch of harmless fem-boys who stopped maturing at age seven with the heroic men and women facing death or dismemberment on all our behalves every day. People who say that are wrong. These perma-virgins ought to be ashamed of themselves …

Really? I know that Big Hollywood is a anti-liberal site fond of trolling for hits, but goddamn, this nutter has gone psycho. Of all the crap you can pick on liberals for, this guy chooses “My Little Pony”? It’s not even a liberal show — it’s a show that espouses Christian messages. I don’t want to say this guy is pathetic and insecure about his own masculinity, but this guy is pathetic and insecure about his own masculinity. Besides, from what I understand about the new “My Little Pony,” it features military ponies and preaches a lot of conservative values, and for the most part, the men who watch it were introduced to it by their daughters. IS THIS GUY ANTI-FAMILY? What does he have against fathers who want to spend some quality TV time with their kids? This is what’s ruining America: Conservatives like this guy encouraging Dads to go out and smoke crack and kill prostitues instead of spending time with their daughters. Such a shame.