By Popular Demand…

05.13.11 8 years ago 25 Comments

Not many sitcoms can smartly execute an episode built around its characters getting drunk, but “Parks and Recreation” knocked it out of the… stadium with last night’s “The Fight.” I’m perfectly aware that Warming Glow readers would get their torches and pitchforks if I didn’t post the animated GIF of Ron Swanson dancing, so here you are. I’d also like to laud the cast for the hangover scenes that followed their night of drinking Snake Juice. In particular, I enjoyed Chris Pratt surprise vomit and Rashida Jones’s professional demeanor despite wearing her sweater inside out (and backwards). Hooray, drinking!

While you’re dancing along with Ron Swanson, here’s a bonus GIF of Rob Lowe playing some air banjo, courtesy of commenter Chet Manley:

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